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Finca Los Angeles, home of  Tecapa Blue coffee, is a 175 acre plantation in the Tecapa-Chinameca region of eastern El Salvador. Perched high on the side of a volcano, the plantation has been owned and operated by the Samayoa family since 1890.

At Finca Los Angeles, we implement many sustainable methods such as organic farming, protection of wildlife, careful shade management of trees, recycling, composting, and the education of a healthier lifestyle for our employees.

We are very proud to announce our new relationship with Porto Rico Importing Co. in New York.  They will be carrying our cofee at their establishments in New York.  Look for it this Spring!
News from La Finca...
The young boys of Tecapan bring us 
used soda bottles to make Broca traps.
Coffee buds are 
ready to pop.
Coffee flowers have bloomed. Finca is a carpet of white fragrant flowers!
Boys continue to fill up the 8,000 
potting bags we need for the new 
coffee seedlings
Just completed initial fertilizing 
of  the coffee. Work has started 
preparing Zona de Leonardo, 
home to 500 new Cuscatleco 
coffee trees arriving in three 
Photos from 
Finca Los Angeles-
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Weighing freshly picked beans 
Weighing coffee cherries
Weighing sacks
Pickers return to the farm for weighing
The boys get bags ready for processing.
8,000 baby coffee trees
Green coffee cherries
The long hike back to the house.
Early morning breakfast with children off for Christmas holidays.
Porto Rico Coffee &
Finca Los Angeles
join forces!
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Evers passes his driver's test after months of studying. We are all very proud of him and now I have someone to help with driving the coffee at harvest time! Not a moment too soon...
We are in the midst of harvest and no sign of the dreaded Broca this year. The beans are beautiful!
We have begun pruning the coffee trees. Two weeks down, and four to go.
With gratitude: Stephanie Andersen-Samayoa
Cleaning and sorting of coffee for Porto Rico Importing finished.
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5am and getting ready to drive coffee to port!
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